New Home, New Life

New Home, New Life

ERA advises and analyzes what adds value to houses at the time of sale

Learn all about it in the new SIC TV program

A unique opportunity to enhance the value of the property you have for sale with ERA

Opportunity to enhance the value of the property

The SIC TV program "Casa Nova, Vida Nova" (New Home, New Life) is helping to increase the value of real estate properties from north to south of the country. ERA is part of this mission. With our experience, we choose the properties that will be transformed and guarantee that, in the end, they are worth much more.

Your home can be next!



  • See the value of your home go up with a refurbishment accompanied by ERA.
  • Count on the help of interior designer Rute Santiago to take advantage of your home's full potential.
  • Get an in-depth knowledge of what you need to do to increase the value of your property, regardless of type or location.



There are only two conditions for participating in the program:

  • Your property must be for sale exclusively with ERA and have an ERA Warranty.
  • Your property must need no major renovation.

Still don't have your house for sale with ERA? Talk to your nearest branch today or create your free listing now!

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