Obtain your Energy Performance Certificate

now and pay later when you sell your property

The Energy Performance Certificate is a mandatory document for any sales promotion of your property or when signing sale/rental contracts. Advertise your property with ERA Warranty and pay the certificate afterwards, when selling it.

About the energy certification

The energy certification classifies the energy performance of a property on a scale from A+ to F and recommends a set of improvement measures. The energy certificate is mandatory for any sales promotion of your property or when signing sales or rental contracts.

Get your energy certificate with ERA and EDP, the market leader in energy certification.

The process is simple

  1. With the support of the ERA agency that is marketing your property schedule a visit to the property in less than 24 hours
  2. A qualified expert visits the property, calculates the energy class, and identifies the improvement measures
  3. Within 72 hours the certificate is sent by e-mail and by post along with the recommendations for improvement
  4. If your property has an ERA Warranty you can pay the certificate later, when the first of the following conditions is fulfilled:
    • Pre-Contract Agreement has been signed
    • Twelve months after signing the contract for the provision of EDP energy certification services
    • The real estate brokerage contract with ERA Warranty ends for any reason.

EDP advantages

Payment of your certificate

Payment of your certificate

Easier payment of your certificate.

Simple and fast

Simple and fast

Scheduling the visit to the property in less than 24 hours
Delivery of the certificate in 72 hours

 Access to further information

Access to further information

In all properties a QR code is fixed on the electrical panel. This gives you access to the energy efficiency sheet, where you can consult the energy performance of your property and have clear and direct information about the improvement measures. This also allows you to share the information with the potential buyer or tenant.



The visit to the property is always carried out by experienced qualified experts. By certifying with EDP, the advertisement of your property is distinguished, with a clear indication that it has been certified by the leading energy certification company in the market.

ERA advantages

Customers with ERA-warranted properties can request EDP Energy Certification today and pay later, upon the sale of the house (up to a maximum period of 12 months).

Contact your ERA agency, request your Energy Certificate now and pay later. Be assured that, in the meantime, we will do everything to fulfill our mission: selling your property.

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