ERA Digital Accelerator

The most efficient digital marketing in the Portuguese real estate market

Unique in Portugal, the latest ERA service uses the exclusive Lead.ERA technology to automatically create ads in constant optimization, showing the best images of your house to the most suitable audience.

About the Lead.ERA technology

Lead.ERA is a pioneering technology in Portugal.

Based on the “big data” acquired by the ERA real estate network over more than 20 years in Portugal and through two million monthly visits to the official website, this tool is constantly improving through the latest artificial intelligence.

This technology kicked off a new ERA service – the ERA Digital Accelerator – which enables you to show the right properties to the right people, fully automatically and with maximum speed and efficiency, speeding up what we do best – selling houses.

How does the Lead.ERA technology accelerate the sale of your house?

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

We use an innovative technology based on machine learning to promote your property with the greatest precision and speed – the Lead.ERA technology

Massive and immediate reach

Massive and immediate reach

We market your house to to at least 20,000 people with high purchasing potential in just 5 days, for a faster and more accurate sale

Personalized and effective marketing

Marketing personalizado e eficaz

We design campaigns to promote your property on the main digital platforms: both Facebook and Instagram social networks and Google Display Network, Google’s online advertising network

An exclusive website for your property

Website exclusivo para a sua casa

We create a webpage dedicated to your house, complementing the ad on our official website, which you can share and help your house go viral

Relatório online atualizado em tempo real

Relatório online atualizado em tempo real

We provide real time access to your house campaign’s ads and results, delivering our values of transparency and partnership with each ERA customer

Still have questions?

How will the ERA Digital Accelerator accelerate the sale of my house?

The Lead.ERA technology, through auto-targeting at the forefront of digital marketing, enables you to reach at least 20,000 highly suitable people in just 5 days.

In other words, we will be able to quickly and effectively market your house to those who are looking for one similar to yours – wherever they are – and immediately get their contact information for follow-up. 

How does Lead.ERA automatic targeting work?

Each ad is targeted using artificial intelligence applied to the large amount of data collected from ERA’s official website’s traffic and history, as well as from previous ERA campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. By crossing this data with the property’s typology, price and location, Lead.ERA’s autotargeting technology is able to identify ever improving success patterns.

In this way, we are able to show the right property to the right person at the right time and, through this highly effective advertising, accelerate the sale of your house.

Why is the Lead.ERA technology different from publishing directly on social media or Google?

Anyone can post an ad on Facebook, Instagram or Google, but only Lead.ERA can do it in an immediate, wide, and highly optimized way, without the need for direct management or follow-up from a local digital marketing expert.

With the Lead.ERA technology, every ERA customer is guaranteed to receive the best digital marketing service for their property, in any of the 200 ERA Agencies across the country.

How can I access the online report?

As soon as your property’s campaign is launched on every channel, your designated real estate agent will alert you and share the link to an online report updated in real time. This report includes the detail of each ad and a direct link to Facebook so you can see your property online.

The link will remain online even after the end of the campaign and this report can be consulted at any time.

Sell faster with Lead.ERA

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